If residents of Owena Close around Yesderam Street in Maitama have their way, Zamfara Governor, Yari would be ejected from his house located at the entrance of the Close.


Each time the Zamfara Governor comes around to Abuja and chose to stay in the area it is unimaginable pain for other residents of the Close.

According to eye witness accounts, you could spend close to 30minutes driving from the entrance of the Close to your house which is only a stone throw to the Governor’s house. Not only the haphazard way of parking which denies other road users right of way, the whole street is littered with anything you can think of, from takeaway parks to polythene bags containing used items of various types.

To make matters worse, the flowers that are used in decorating the street have been turned to public toilets with Yari’s neighbours now used to waking up to find tons of excreta under flowers in front of their homes every day the Governor spends in Abuja.

Even the roads are not left out as their aides have to mop up poo with sand with the Governor’s visitors excreting even on the road where many of them squat.

Already, attention of Abuja Environmental Protection Board has been called to the abhorable acts.

Curiously, he is not the only Governor residing in the Close. The other Governor is  believed to be more circumspect, receiving less visitors and comes in quietly and leaves quietly, unlike Yari whose Maitama home is like a glorified bazaar place till the wee hours of every night he stays in Abuja.