Waje who recounted her journey to becoming a superstar singer, disclosed that stardom has robbed her of many things.

Waje who is a gender equality advocate, told Eric Dumo how she handles societal expectations in the new interview and here are excerpts below;

You were born in Ondo but raised in Benin, Edo State, how did this shape your life as a growing girl?

Honestly, that part of my life is something I cannot really remember because I was a baby then. I remember that my mother went to visit a sister in Akure, Ondo State while my father was living at Maroko in Lagos. It was while she was there that she gave birth to me.

Though I lived part of my life in Maroko, it is growing up in Benin that I remember the most. It was a very memorable period of my life.

When I was in Junior Secondary School 3, I once gave a rendition in the school church and this attracted the attention of the late Bishop Benson Idahosa. He was so impressed that he gave me a scholarship which I enjoyed throughout my senior secondary school years. I remain grateful to him even in death.

As a star, do you sometimes come under pressure to live a certain kind of life?

Yes, I do and I think this happens to most entertainers. The social media sometimes want to push you into doing certain things but it is your ability to stay disciplined that keeps you on the right track.

There were times I wanted to take certain decisions based on what the expectations of people were and the brand I represented but because I was fortunate to have good people around me, I didn’t take those steps. I am lucky I have great people around me that don’t make me feel this pressure.

So, has being a star robbed you of anything?

Yes, it has robbed me of many things including being comfortable. I am a very simple person who sometimes wants to go out without wearing makeup. I am comfortable wearing flip-flops but because you are a star, sometimes you cannot do so because of the brand you are trying to project.

A lot of persons look up to you and want to be like you for many different reasons. They expect that as a celebrity, you should maintain a certain standard and you don’t want to disappoint such persons. To be honest, maintaining that celebrity status requires a lot of sacrifice.