The postponement of the 2019 election came as a shock to Nigerians who had already made up their minds to vote out incompetence, nepotism, killings and poverty. However, one cannot take power from tyrants without being bruised. This is part of the bruise that Nigerians need to sustain for a better Nigeria. A lot of Nigerians had fixed sensitive activities for 23rd February, like their weddings. Will they now shift it? A lot of Nigerians had borrowed money to stock up food and fuel supplies for this election, and a lot of people have spent billions traveling across the country to go and cast their votes against bad governance, recession, poverty and incompetence.

In fighting dictatorship, there is no way one will have an easy ride. Buhari had already, through his secret agencies, conducted objective assessments of the election, and was already sure of losing until now. Are Nigerians fazed? Never! Why would Nigerians be fazed when too much is at stake? Do you know that in the next killing spree, your family could be next in the list of people to be killed? Do you know that you might be the next in line to lose your job or have your business fold up in the next round of recession coming to Nigerians? Do you know your husband could be the next person to be locked up against court orders? Do you know that your sons could be killed trying to defend this great nation against Boko Haram and banditry?

A lot is at stake and the voters know this. They know that there is no sacrifice too big for a better Nigeria. Destiny can be delayed but cannot be denied. There is a resolve around the country more than ever. And that resolve goes beyond religion or tribe. That resolve is an unwritten agreement that Never Again shall we have a government without value for human lives. Never again shall we have a government with so much affinity to poverty. Never again shall we have a government so corrupt and never again shall we have a government so incompetent that in the last one month, additional 3m Nigerians have become poorer.