A member of American Society of Industrial Security, Mr. Jackson Lekan Ojo, on Monday said there were more porous boarders in the Northern part of Nigeria, as he posited that those boarders threaten Nigerian national security.


Ojo insisted that the high degree of proliferation of small arms and light weapons, which continued to exacerbate insurgency and banditry in some parts of the country could be traced to porous boarders.

Ojo made the assertion in a telephone interview with DAILY POST, while reacting to spate of killings by bandits and insurgents across the country, saying politicians were also part of the problem.

He opined that Nigerian democracy would remain stagnant in the face of violent disposition of political players, adding that no democracy grows with majority of desperate politicians.

” Nigerian security agencies must change their tactics and pattern of intelligence gathering , a situation in which politicians are exploring our porous boarders to stockpile weapons for political considerations is dangerous for our democracy.

“Most of these politicians are in possession of firearms illegally, and they transport it from one end to another with impunity, because security agents treat them with special preference.

” It is high time our security agencies changed their pattern of operation and start beaming their search light on politicians in the quest of curbing the menace of proliferation of small arms and light weapons.

“There must also be a proactive move by the Federal Government to tight up our boarders, especially in the Northern parts of Nigeria and salvage the country from insecurity that continues to put our democracy in danger.”

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