Outlawed Yansakai Killing/Maiming People In Zamfara State

—Vows To Make State Ungovernable

The outlawed Yansakai vigilante group have gone on rampage killing and maiming innocent villagers in Zamfara State.

Specifically, the Yansakai Vigilante group was set up by the immediate past government of Hon Abdulazeez Yari however on assumption of office two years ago the Governor Bello Mattawalle led administration outlawed the vigilante group and was abolished from operating in Zamfara State.

But the said group have remained adamant causing mayhem and killing people under the leadership of the State’s former Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs Hon Bello Dankande Gamji.

Gamji who is under EFCC investigations alongside former Governor Yari over allegations of official corruption and misappropriation of public funds running into Billions of naira ,award of fictitious contracts for personal enrichment.

There is also an allegation that Hon Bello Dankande Gamji is suspected to be the brains behind all the nefarious activities of the outlawed vigilante Yansakai to divert the attention of the members of the public on his corruption allegations charges.

During the tenure of the former Governor Abdulazeez Yari he was said to have recruited 500 Yansakai across the 17 Emirates in Zamfara State without the act of State House Of Assembly backing their operations and existence.

There is reliable information that the outlawed vigilante group had planned to go into Fulani settlements and kill them so that the armed bandits will regroup to launch deadly attacks on innocent people in the villages all aimed at mischievously blackmailing the Governor Bello Mattawalle government and the President Muhammad Buhari led Federal government that they failed to provide security for the lives and property of the people of Zamfara State.

The issue of security which comprises of armed banditry, cattle rustling, kidnapping, killings and the setting of villages ablaze by gangs of armed bandits and criminals elements came into existence before the inception of Mattawalle administration.

There is an allegation of camping of Ansaru from Niger State and Boko haram insurgents sighted in some villages trying to collaborate with armed bandits to assembled to cause serious security havoc in Zamfara State to blackmail the Governor Bello Mattawalle for selfish for political reasons against 2023 elections.

Apart from this is the allegation that there is the camps of Ansaru from Niger State and Boko haram insurgents cited in some villages trying to collaborate with armed bandits assembled to cause serious security havoc in Zamfara State to blackmail the Governor Bello Matawalle for their selfish political reasons towards the 2023 elections.

According to investigations the rampaging Yansakai Vigilante group had on June 19th,2021 in the early morning attacked the Mashekarin Fulani settlement of Balgare village in Danmanau district in Gamji District of Bakura Local Government area of Zamfara State rampaging Yansakai group in hundreds on a top of motorcycles, wielding Dane guns, clubs, matchets and other weapons, from Dogon karfe forest axis, have stormed the settlement searching for Fulani natives, where in the process four (4) Fulanis were confirmed killed , while three (3) others brutally injured.

The Injured victims are currently on admission at Bakura and Talata Mafara general hospitals.

Meanwhile, the mobilization of these Yansakai is observed from Tureta LGA of sokoto state. From Kuruwa, Damri, Sabon garin Damri villages and from Anka, Bukkuyum and Talata mafara LGAS.

It was however noted that the worst side of it was that, they mostly don’t discriminate between who is a Bandit and who is not. The possibility of recording more casualties cannot be underestimated, as other settlements like Dandutsi was equally ransacked.

Furthermore, it was gathered that more Yansakai group are now sighted going back into Dogon karfe forest, as armed bandits are said regrouping. The possibility of deadly clash cannot be ruled out.