Those of you who are cheerleaders on the fight between Father Mbaka and presidency should note the developing story.

The problem between two political associates relates to alleged contract scam. Based on the documents filed in the public court and using my skills as a trial lawyer I can settled on facts that are not in dispute. That is, facts that both Garba Shehu and Mbaka agree in terms of their press releases. Those facts are:
(1) Mbaka visited villa in respect of contract for his hospital project
(2) Senator Hope Uzodinma had procured the services of Mbaka as a prophet by promising him that Buhari unlike the stingy Atiku and Obi is willing to build a world class hospital for him. This is further to a promise made by Buhari himself.
(3) Senator Uzodinma presented contract award papers (it is now alleged to be fake)to prove that Buhari has authorized the project
(4) contractors who presumably won the contract visited site but work did not go on as promised because the contract was not funded. They convinced Mbaka to make the trip to Abuja to see the Sultan of Nigeria.
(5). Mbaka made the pilgrimage to Nigeria’s political Mecca to see Bubu. Bubu as usual played dead-brain to any deal.
(6). Mbaka came back disappointed. He has been scammed. Esau has been swindled and the anointed has been poured on the wrong persons.
(7). Mbaka is now angry and his god is a vengeful god. No sinner will go unpunished. So he has released the new prophesies. The “scamming duo” will fall.
(8) Garba Shehu is dead right. The whole dispute amongst political associates is over a contract. But he failed to add “over a contract scam”
(9). Mbaka is not a fraud as such, he is not even a businessman. He is a desperate evangelist for the poor who in his desperation brushed aside the truthful man and embraced jobbers. He is a plain Mugu- a victim of a scam

“Onye eriri erilaya”, according to Nde bongo.

So as you cheer either side in the family fight, remember what it is: it is about how a man of God was allegedly scammed by men in the street who are also men of honor and excellence.

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