The presidential candidate of the African Action Congress, AAC, Omoyele Sowore, has said that there is no rational Nigerian who would willingly cast vote for the two major parties APC and PDP in the imminent elections.

He stated this in a chat with media while making references to the past years of waste and stagnation under the watchful eyes of the two parties, saying they are unrepentant and mastermind the country’s political and economic doldrums. How we plan to mechanize agric sector – Osinbajo “Every trick in the political world has been played and outplayed by these political class. Nobody is carried away by money anymore. Nobody is swayed by rented crowd out there, with silent majority making decision to vote their conscience this time. If the elections would be free and fair, there would be no rational human being who will vote for the two major parties this time and what that means is that, we have the brightest chance in AAC,” he said. On the premise of their bad antecedents, Sowore pointed,“I understand there is a lot of anxiety and despondency. Many people are actually depressed about the country. I mean– clinically depressed. That’s the truth, but, that is exactly why things must change because it is either we give in or brace ourselves up for a struggle like this in providing the liberation that we need. And the reason this must happen is because we have nowhere else to go.

For those of us who are outside the country, we have seen other parts of the world and found out there is nothing as good as having a country that works and you come back so much energized considering you know that only less than one percent of the population is holding the country to ransom. “If you can break through from them, you have a country and you will be happy in it and be proud that you did something for the next generation. You know that when we look at the process, we blame our parents and when I do so, I do so with some level of bitterness. I wonder how my children would feel to know that I could do something different but did nothing about the situation. What if I did and it didn’t work? Maybe, they will be proud of me and others could be happy as well. That’s part of it, better to try than not trying at all,” he added. While urging the citizens to brace up, Sowore emphasized the need to vote for conscience rather than allow votes to be swayed by pecuniary gains and transient gratifications that have been consistently used to bait the electorates. Re-elect Okowa for equity in Delta- Ereyitomi, Okorodudu He expressed optimism about his victory at the polls, observing that a silent majority amongst the electorates who have awakened to the call for self-liberation and are poised not to be deceived by stomach infrastructure offered by desperate politicians during electioneering campaigns would ensure his emergence “I am worried that the opportunity that we have is not being adequately utilized especially when you look at the electoral map and see that the highest number of eligible voters are young people. And that they could just take a snap decision to vote for one person that would bring an end to the very oppressive and destructive guise of the ruling class.” He further stated, “The disruption has been done in the last nine months. I made a pronouncement in one of the first town hall meetings that, since I have disrupted the media I was going to disrupt the political space and, you can count the number of things that have happened since we started. “First, was that we wanted to demystify all the very powerful criminal institutions in politics and we have done that. We have demystified the power of money, the notion that Nigeria is complex and vague, the notion of religion and ethnicity in the sense that, we have been able to travel round the country, get wide acceptance, under the same political party, young people from across all different ethnic groups and religious beliefs. Nobody is thinking ethnicity and everybody is thinking humanity till now. We have disrupted the political process to the point that we are forcing conversations that ordinarily don’t happen. “We created one of the most popular political parties in Nigeria today, AAC and it’s just six months old. So, a number of theories have been disrupted and the disruption process is completed as we wait for people’s mandate in the election,” Sowore concludes.