Samuel Kasumu quits as Boris Johnson's  aide
Samuel Kasumu quits as Boris Johnson’s aide

By Abankula

Samuel Kasumu, a British-Nigerian aide of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has quit, amid tension over a race report dismissed as hogwash.

Kasumu, who will be leaving in May, has been an adviser to Johnson on ethnic minorities.

He is the most senior black aide of Johnson and reportedly earned Johnson’s plaudits over his role in encouraging ethnic minorities take the COVID-19 vaccine.

News of the 33 year-old’s resignation surfaced after the release of the report of the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities, on inequality in Britain.

Downing Street debunked any connection between Kasumu’s resignation and the controversy stirred by the race report.

The race report, which was produced by a group of 12 experts – only one of whom was white – concluded that there was no evidence of institutional racism in this country.

A spokesman for Johnson said Kasumu had planned to go for ‘months’, but will be staying until May.

‘Any suggestion that this decision has been made this week or that this is linked to the CRED report is completely inaccurate,’ the spokesman said.

According to Mail Online, Mr Kasumu tendered his resignation in February.