Bandits terrorizing the country are foreigners hired to cause problems for the country, Governor Abubakar Sani Bello of Niger State has said.

Speaking when he addressed 1,000 security operatives deployed to rescue the 136 kidnapped students of Salihu Tanko Islamiya School in Tegina, Rafi Local Government Area of Niger state, Governor Sani Bello affirmed that no true Fulani acts in such way.

While assuring parents of the abducted Islamiya students of the government’s readiness to rescue them from the clutches of their abductors, Sani Bello said:

“Nigerians must try their best not make them succeed in forcing us to change our normal lives.

“Most of these Bandits are from outside the country.

“They are hired to cause problems for us. It is not the habit of the true Fulani to indulge in this kind of act.

“These bandits are well organised and coordinated. We can not fold our arms anymore but to take decisive and necessary steps to apprehend those involved, both the informants and the bandits,” Sani Bello said.

“They started by displacing farmers from their farmlands. Next they moved to burning farms, then moved to kidnappings and forcing us to close our schools. Now they have started attacking Islamic schools, only God knows what is next.

“Even though we have ruled out payment of ransom, it is time for government to take decisive measures towards ending the bandits activities that is forcefully changing the lives of the people especially in the rural areas.

“The abductors are not honest. They are not honourable. After agreeing with parents they started shifting goal post and now we are here to take action.

“From all indications, these bandits are foreigners,” Governor Sani Bello said.

His claim is something that is bound to find resonance with the claims of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP that the bandits were brought into the country ahead of the 2015 by the All Progressives Congress, APC officials.Τ