A20-year-old woman, Blessing John, who was arrested by the police for allegedly biting her boyfriend’s penis, has been bailed by the same boyfriend.

Blessing, according to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), was arrested on July 5 and detained at the Lagos State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID), Panti, Yaba, Lagos for biting her boyfriend’s penis to escape alleged rape.

A police source at the SCIID said yesterday that the boyfriend, simply identified as Johnson, was discharged from hospital on July 15, after selling his property to pay his medical bill.

The source, who preferred anonymity, said Johnson came to the SCIID immediately he left the hospital on the same day to bail his girlfriend.

“He came prophesying his love for Blessing, his girlfriend and requested to bail her with immediate effect, adding that he has no intention of taking her to court.

“Johnson disclosed that he also sold his mobile phone to get money for the hospital bill.

“He said he didn’t know when the doctor invited the police as he did not ask him to do so.

“He told us that he still loves her and signed an affidavit to get her released to him on bail,” the police source said.

Blessing was arrested for allegedly biting her boyfriend’s penis, while allegedly trying to escape from being raped.

Upon her arrest, Blessing had told NAN that she was in pain when she committed the act.

She said: “Johnson is my boyfriend; he works as a hotel manager. We have been dating for six months and he had promised to help me with my Curriculum Vitae (CV) when he asked me to meet him at his friend’s place at Surulere on July 5.

“I called him to confirm if he had his CV with him, as he had told me that I would just edit and add my personal information. He said he had it with him, so I proceeded to his place with the intention of getting the CV and leaving early, so that I can use it the next day.

“When I got to his friend’s place, we went to a bar around there, where he and his friend had a drink. They then asked me to go with them to their brother’s place, which I declined, saying I had to be home early.

“We all went home together, where his friend gathered some pieces of stuff and we saw him off, after which we returned to his place. When I asked him for the CV, he said he didn’t bring it and I told him I was leaving.

“He got angry and said why will I just come and go like that. So, I asked him what was the point of waiting, since I was not able to get what I came for.

“He tried taking my clothes off, which I refused and he slapped me twice. He took off his clothes and was putting on boxers and singlet, while he held on to my breast to pin me down.”

Blessing said that at a point, she held on to his penis and told him to leave her, but he refused.

She added: “I told him I was on my menstrual period and that he should wait until Sunday, but he insisted on checking.

“Usually, we see more than once in a week, but the last time I saw him was a week ago. In fact, I was with him when I started having menstrual pains.”

I was surprised he didn’t believe me.

“Johnson insisted on having sex with me and when I refused, he hit me on my back. I was so pained that I bit his manhood. I didn’t mean to harm him.”

Blessing added that she rushed Johnson to a private hospital in Surulere, where the doctor requested the presence of a family member or the police before Johnson could be treated.

She said: “There was no one to call, as my father is late and my mother is in the village. So, I called Johnson’s relatives, but they refused to show up. The hospital had to call the police and I was arrested.

“I didn’t mean to harm Johnson; I am not a violent person. Even my mother will feel bad when she hears about this. I am sure she will be trying to reach me, but my SIM card is blocked.”