Nigerian lady shares heartbreaking story of 5-year-old girl performing MouthAction on her father

A Nigerian lady with the Twitter username,  @IgalaPrincess has taken to the social media platform to recount the awkward moment she found a five-year-old girl performing MouthAction on her father.

Narrating the heartbreaking scene on her Twitter platform, the Nigerian lady mentioned that she has reported the obscene activity to the rightful authorities.

Equally important, MouthAction can be described as oral stimulation of a man’s sexual organ.

Sharing the encounter, the lady who recalled how the girl once asked her son if “he doesn’t have what her father gives her to lick”; said she walked in on the little girl giving MouthAction to her father when she went to drop a parcel.

The lady disclosed that the right authorities were informed after the girl’s mother who is away in Wisconsin, United States was told about the incident. She also revealed that they moved the girl out of the house and she is safe.

Read the tweets below;

“No no no!!!!!!!

Guys, I am at a crossroads right now.

A few months ago a family friend had brought their kids to spend some time with us.

One day the 5-year-old daughter asked my son ” don’t you have that stuff daddy gives me to lick”? I just heard them in passing and paid no mind.”

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“Today, I went to drop of a parcel for them and guess what I walked in on the 5-year-old giving her father MouthAction and this useless man moaning himself away. The wife is all the way in Wisconsin for 2weeks. What do I do now? I m confused, worried. Sick, angry & scared.

Update!!!! Her mum has been informed, the right authorities notified. We moved the girl out of the house and she is safe.

Thank you all for your concern and please put her in your prayers.”