NAC presidential candidate Rev. king beg Nigerians for votes
The imprisoned presidential candidate of the National Action Council (NAC), Rev. Dr. King Ezeuko Emeka has asked Nigerians to vote massively for him come Saturday, February 16th for good governance and enhanced development.

The Presidential candidate who spoke through his spokesman and Deputy National Legal Adviser of the National Action Council (NAC), Johnson Omede said he has excellent plans for the nation if elected.

Omede stated that Politics is said to be an institution where many people come and bring ideas. “According to Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of United States of America, ‘I opine that no one serves as a leader without the people’s consent. This is why Dr. Rev. King Ezeuko Emeka has come to solicit and advocate your mandate in this presidential race for a better Nigeria”

He said “The fourteen major thrusts are job creation, power, corruption, food abundance, health and security, provision of infrastructure, business and entrepreneurial development, human capital enhancement services and political inclusion of those considered vulnerable by the system.

” electricity: This is one of the major challenges we have in Nigeria. The absence of stable electricity has denied Nigeria major investment across the world and this is another challenge major start-ups industries are facing. Under the government of Dr. Rev. King Ezeuko Emeka, power will be stabilized in four months. Our megawatts will triple the current alleged 5000megawatts comparable to that of India. I will revolutionize the power and energy industries through renewable energy.

“Health and & Security: The major challenge in Nigeria is health and security. During my time, I will stop medical tourism. I will construct standard hospitals across the nation even in the smallest villages, towns, and hamlets. The health of Nigerians is my concern. I will establish cottage hospital where there are not primary health cares across Nigeria. Free medical health care to children under the ages of 0-5years and adults under the ages of 60years and above. The security of life and property is a constitutional right of Nigerians. I shall provide adequate security for life and property in Nigeria.

” Food Security: One of the greatest needs of man on earth is food. Under my government, I shall provide adequate foods in Nigeria by encouraging farmers local farmers with all agricultural implements at a very reduced cost. It shall be a food abundance day in Nigeria.

“Unemployment: My government shall not entertain laziness as there is no food for a lazy man. Therefore, Unemployment shall be a thing of the past under my government. I will create 800, 0000,000 jobs in four years. Nigerians will be truly happy again. We will restore the glory of the civil service and ensure that people follow the rules.

‘Ethnics Differences: The major challenges we have in Nigeria is our ethnic differences. Nigerian belongs to all of us. We shall work hard to reinforce our unity and corporate existence by ensuring that the voice of every one counts both small and big. Whether you are hausa, igbo, Yoruba, igala, idoma, kanuri, tiv, urhobo, Fulani. Ijaw, oku, etc, we are all Nigerians and we shall all matter in our state. In fact, those who pressured me to run for president are northerners. I am love and accepted across the nation and I know our glory will be restored again.

‘ Economy: Under my government, various innovations will be introduced that will give value to our money. In fact, five thousand naira will be of utmost value to the extent that our minimum wage will be able to take care of a family in Nigeria. In my time, One Naira will be equal to One Dollar. One thousand naira will be able to buy a bag of rice in Nigeria. I will develop a principle that will sustain Nigeria without copying any country on earth.

“Corruption: I will defeat corruption during my time. People talk about fighting corruption, but I will defeat it. In less than four years, I will defeat it and put Nigeria among the committee of nations again. When stronger institutions are created and re-enforced, corruption will not thrive. I will create strong institution in Nigeria and develop a model for a corruption free society.

“Roads Creation and Maintenance: Major roads in Nigeria are dead traps across the states. I will not wait for any state government before carrying out road projects in Nigeria. I shall carry out road projects across the country whether on a state road or federal roads.

” One thing is sacrosanct and that is the fact that we are all Nigerians and i will ensure that Nigerians travel on good roads. Other alternative means of transportation will be carter for to reduce over dependence on road. For example; the railway. I understand that previous government started the rail projects and current government is equally on it, I Rev. Dr. King Ezeuko Emeka will refurbish the rail sectors in less than 2years of my administration. The Nigerian airways will become testimony during my time.

“Educational Sector: The holders and managers of our educational system are losing the knot in our educational system but i will tighten it. Anyone who scores less than 50% in jambs will not attend the University. However, we will build schools comparable to the international standards across the nation especially in the North to ensure that there is equal right education amongst all of us.

” I will encourage and heavily support the Technical school thereby encouraging our youths to venture into learning hand works as our capacities differs in many respect. Everyone must be actively involved. In my government, meritocracy will determine our method of selections in all sports. If those who are qualify are all hausa, so be it, if all those who are qualify are all Yoruba, so be it and all those who are qualify are other tribes, so be it. We will join hands to move Nigeria Forward.

“Rule of Law: The judiciary in Nigeria has become the shadow of itself in Nigeria. Justice is now for those who can afford it through the instrumentality of finance and power or those in position of privileges.

” My government will wipe out the system of freedom for only the holders of gun, the rich, the powerful but freedom for all including the groundnut seller on the street. Fundamental human rights must be respected; justice, equity, and good conscience will be the other of the day in Nigeria. All the arms of the government will be truly independent and we shall collaborate whenever we need to thereby ensuring the path to a New and a better Nigeria.

“Youths: The life of any nation rests and dwells with the youth. I will ensure that youth are adequately catered for and taken care of by ensuring that no one above 55years of age features in my government. The youth will be are the fore front of the scheme of things. We will encourage the youth even at the sport arena, entertainment, and even other professional endeavours.

“Pensions: I will not support the pension scheme. The current pension scheme and managers have made it a veritable ground where corruptions thrive as some people sits on pensioners money. This is wrong and evil. I will development a sustainable scheme that will carter for the need of pensioners better than the one we already have. However, all current pensioners whose moneys have not been paid shall be paid totally and at once too.

“Resource Control: I will ensure that those states where natural resources are found are allowed to own them. My government will be interested only in royalty from those states. What we receive as royalty from those states will take care of the government at the center because my government and your government under my reign shall not be subjected to dependence on oil. I will create a sustainable model for Nigeria.

“Those with oil license in Nigeria; somebody gave them those licenses when it was necessary; someone will take it when it is necessary. Therefore, Nigerians should prepare for abundance in Nigeria under my government.

-“Herdsmen & Boko Haram: The issues of the herdmen and Bokoharam will be a thing of the past under my government. This is all I will say for now. But be assured that under my reign, Bokor Haram will be a thing of the past. Herdsmen will clear of our coast. We will be great again’