A 19-year-old student (name withheld) of Bowen University, Iwo, Osun State, has narrated how their 32-year-old housekeeper, Daniel Adavwo, defiled her three-year-old sister.

The 400 level medical student told an Ikeja Special Offences and Domestic Violence Court, Lagos, that her younger sister was diagnosed at the hospital with a sexually transmitted disease (STD) called staphylococcus after the incident.

Adavwo, however, was arraigned on a two-count charge of sexual assault by penetration and inserting an unknown object into the vagina of a minor.

The victim’s sister, while being led in evidence by the prosecution counsel, A. A. George, said Adavwo at their residence at defiled her sister on April 3, 2018 at their apartment at Road 3D, 3rd Avenue, Rofo Estate, Odonguyan, Ikorodu, Lagos.
The witness told the court that her kid sister told the police that Adavwo inserted his finger into her vagina.

She said: “It all happened when my mother left for work, leaving just me, my younger sister, a friend and Daniel in the house.

“I was in my room sleeping while I left my younger sister at the sitting room to watch cartoons. Daniel, who lives with us, was also at the sitting room ironing some clothes.

“I was fast asleep in my room when I heard my sister’s deep cry about 4p.m. My sister then walked into my room crying and when I asked her what happened, she said that Uncle Daniel stepped on her hand.

“So I went to ask Daniel what happened and he said that he mistakenly stepped on her hand while ironing. I then carried my sister and petted her till she slept.

“So the next day, my mother took us to Shoprite for shopping and funfair. But on our way back home, my sister started complaining that she’s feeling severe pains on her bum-bum.
“She kept saying my bum-bum is paining me; Daniel put pepper in my bum-bum and blood came out. She remained so consistent about the pain.

“But by the time we got home, she was already sleeping. So my mum took off her dress, opened her legs and noticed that her clitoris was swollen and a foul odour was coming out from it.

“So the next day, early in the morning, we went to OAK Hospital and we explained to the doctor. A female doctor examined her and said that her hymen had been broken. And because of the foul smell, we were told to go and conduct a series of tests at the laboratory. It was at the hospital that the doctor told us that she had been infected with staphylococcus.

“After the test, we went to the police station, Ikorodu Police Station, to file a report. After narrating to the police, they told us that we needed to get a report from the General Hospital.

“So I, my sister and a policewoman went to Ikorodu General Hospital for the report while my mother left with some police officers to our house to arrest Daniel.”

However, during cross-examination by the defence counsel, Nelson Okedinachi, the victim’s sister said that Adavwo committed the act in their sitting room.

The 19-year-old said that her younger sister told her mum, who was bathing her inside the bathroom that Daniel put pepper in her bum-bum and that blood came out.
She added: “My sister is always bathed twice a day. It was while my mother was bathing her that night of the incident that she told her.
“But it was at the DPO’s (Divisional Police Officer) office that my sister was describing that Daniel put his finger in her vagina.”

When asked if she heard any cry when her sister was in the sitting room, she replied no.

When also asked if either her mother or sister told her that Adavwo had sex with her sister, she replied no.
But when Okedinachi asked, “so how did the hospital examination say that she contracted STD?” She remained silent.
Justice Sururat Abiola Soladoye thereafter adjourned the matter till February 28 for continuation of trial.