When the story broke that the now retired Police IG, Ibrahim Idris was dating and later married a policewoman, many Nigerians could not believe it. To them it was morally wrong. Even though no law stops the IGP from marrying a serving policewoman, it was a little out of place, many thought.

The development was indeed a step in a chain of other actions that was to later see the former Deputy Superintendent of Police take over as the official wife of the IGP while the first wife was sent packing.

It was not only the sacking of Asmau Ibrahim Idris as his wife that really showed the former IGP as ruthless. While everyone we asked could not state what Asmau’s offence was, it was reliably gathered that she was abroad when the IGP decided to divorce her.

Asmau was not an ordinary woman. She was royalty. She was the daughter of the Late Emir of Bida, Alhaji Ndayako. If you know how things work in the Nigeria, you would understand the power play and how Asmau could have influenced the rise of her husband in the Police.

It was reliably gathered that when the office of the IGP became vacant after the exit of Idris’ predecessor, it was easy picking the Niger state born Idris as replacement as Buhari’s friend and close confidant, the late Emir of Bargo, Haliru Dan Toro had put in a word for him.  Emir of Bargo was also a close friend to Idris” father in-law, who was the Emir of Bida. More than anything else, many felt this was what was instrumental to Ibrahim Idris being named as the IGP. So it was a shock to many when Idris sent Asmau packing.

All pleas by top traditional rulers in Niger State and beyond that Ibrahim Idris should rescind his decision and take Asmau back fell on deaf ears. Indeed it was like those who went to beg him added petrol to the raging anger. After she was sacked, Asmau was warned not to step around the Maitama Abuja official residence of the Inspector General of Police. When one of her relations was sent to pack her property from the home, she smelled hell. Even the Policemen who allowed the said lady in slept in the guardroom.

Asmau Ndayako, a lawyer by profession resigned herself to fate as the then DSP Esther, who had since changed her name to Hajiya Asta Ibrahim Idris took over her home and also assumed the post of President of Police Officers Wives Association, which is reserved for the wife of the incumbent Inspector General of Police.