The news of the postponement of the elections has come as a huge blow to thousands of Nigerians. People who had responsibly and adequately prepared for this Saturday, February the 16th woke up the morning of the elections to the shocking news.

Anger has swept through the nation as the broom of incompetence is starting to reveal the level and outcome of their incompetency there is no holding back.Stories have started emerging all over social media across the nation of people pouring out their travel tales, preparation stories. Some traveling for several hours to be close to their polling station, others traveling in from abroad.

A trending image of an elderly woman who made four times more kunu for her polling unit has gone round.What about her. What about the people in the North who fled their homes for preparations. What about the corpers who slept in harsh conditions slumped on top of each other to be prepared to serve their country. What about those who shifted weddings, funerals shut down their businesses.

The fact that the announcement was made so last minute has fuelled the anger of the people. But this fact has made people more motivated than before with spurts of those who had voter apathy now being motivated to go out and do what it takes to go to the polling stations no matter the day. It seems that people are ready for Better this time more than ever