COVID-19: CCCN Wears Face Masks On Cars To Promote Usage

A construction company, Candor Contracting Concept Nigeria Ltd (CCCN) yesterday placed gigantic face masks on cars as part of a public awareness campaign to curb the spread of COVID-19.

The #CCCNMaskUp hashtag was prominently featured on the gigantic face mask to proudly state the company’s position on wearing face masks to curb the spread of COVID-19.

The CCCN manager, Hassan Ali Fneich, said the #CCCNmaskup campaign is a great way for them to drive home an important public safety message to Nigerians.

Fneich stated, “CCCN has become the first private company in the country to transform their vehicles into moving billboards promoting public safety messaging specific to COVID-19.

Fneich described the idea as innovative advertising at its finest.

Fneich states that the concept is also an effective way of communicating the right message through the use of humour.

“What better way to show a sense of community spirit and pride around public mask compliance than to have these face masks adorned to our corporate vehicles. I’m highly confident this will get people thinking and talking about mask-wearing.”

“The company used its vehicles to create awareness in a fresh and humorous way. This out of the box method is sure to leave an impression on people who witnessed it and subconsciously encourages mask wearing.

“Many people stopped in their tracks to take pictures of the cars and they surely understood the message being conveyed.

“We, the people have to do our part in mitigating the spread of the virus by following government and WHO guidelines. In the end, it is to the benefit of everyone to have a healthy and strong Nigeria.”

He added that CCCN also put masks on their earthmoving and construction equipment as part of the awareness campaign.