Channels TV presenter, Maupe Ogun has come to the defence of journalist Kadaria Ahmed after a man claimed she has stopped being a Muslim.

The man identified as Amb. Abdulrahman Yahaya also made a public threat on Twitter where he described the journalist as a walking corpse for converting from Islam to Christianity.

In his words:

“Kadaria, you converted to Christianity in London. I was appalled when I heard her describing herself as a passionate citizen of Zamfara. By Islamic tenets, Kadaria is a walking corps, she’s supposed to have been killed as an apostate. She’s a condemned soul”.

Reacting to the allegation, Maupe Ogun labeled it as an attempted at shifting attention from the struggle Kadaria Ahmed was pushing against the loss of lives in Zamfara state.

She tweeted:

I am very concerned that a protest on saving lives in Zamfara State has turned into a debate on @KadariaAhmed’s faith. I know that in our clime, speaking truth to power comes with consequences but let me just say here: NOTHING MUST HAPPEN to @KadariaAhmedTerrible people!

They will start by shifting attention, then distortions and after a while, outright lies! Lies intended to kill…Keep your head up @KadariaAhmed

She added by clearing the air on claims that Kadaria is no more a Muslim:

To clear the air so there’s no confusion:@KadariaAhmed is proudly Moslem. She’s not changed faith nor has she indicated a desire to do so. I am Christian & I know Christianity and Islam uphold the sanctity of human lives which is what the protest on Zamfara is about.#StayFocused

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