Former member of the House of Representatives, Hon Leonard Dilkon, has described the Covid-19 fund distribution by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) as a scam.
He noted that Nigerians who benefitted from the fund were only seen on television but yet to be visible.
Dilkon disclosed this, yesterday during the Annual General Meeting of Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), Plateau State, held at the Crest Hotel, Jos.
“I think the issue of Covid-19 fund is a scam, I want to say that it is a scam. Who are the people that have benefitted from this fund?
“I am a practising farmer, I am a former member of the House of Representatives, we just see it on television, I am challenging the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to come out and tell us those that have benefitted from the Covid-19 fund.”
He noted that Nigerians might have benefitted from the CBN Covid-19 fund, but the beneficiaries are yet to be visibly seen as it was an exercise on television.
Dilkon, who delivered a paper titled, “Medical Community and Entrepreneurship”, encouraged doctors to be dedicated to their duties particularly now that Covid-19 is ravaging the world and admonished them to engage in agriculture to make money for themselves.
Former Vice Chancellor of the University of Jos, Prof Sabastine Maimako, who spoke on the theme “Demystifying the myth around the Covid-19 Vaccine”, urged medical doctors in the country to engage in massive Covid-19 vaccine to end the conspiracy against the Covid-19 vaccine.
He noted that citizens of Nigeria worked based on the advice of medical professionals and where some medical doctors are yet to take the vaccine gives room for the current conspiracy.
Maimako said billions of Naira were donated by individuals, organisations and philanthropists into the Covid-19 trust fund and advised that the resources, if properly used would grow the economy of the nation.
The Chairman, Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), Dr Innocent Emmanuel, said the occasion provides room for stakeholders and members of the association to discuss and improved on the welfare of the association.
He explained that the AGM titled, “Demystifying the myths around the Covid-19 vaccine” also provide opportunity for stakeholders to demystify the myths behind the ravaging virus.
“The theme of the AGM, ‘Demystifying the myths around the Covid-19 vaccine’, is serving as the most appropriate topic for discussion as we battle a disease whose biology we are yet to understand as it continues to exert a heavy toll on lives and livelihood.
“The enigma presented by the rampaging virus is compounded by a conundrum of myths that if not demystified will leave a trial of regrets and consequences of ravaging proportion.”
He said the zeal and drive of the current officials towards improved welfare for members continues to burn brightly.