I remembered applying for work at the federal Inland Revenue service here in Abuja, immediately after my service by the way i studied economics , so names was shortlisted for interview, we wrote the test and out of 15,000 candidates, though exams was scheduled separate days because of number of applicants , 50 was successfull and was short listed boom I checked and my name was number 18, my joy knew no bound, I didn’t tell anyone as I wanted to take my people by surprise including my parents and siblings. cheesy
after that interview, they invited us for an oral interview.

I attended the interview and after the interview, 35 name was successful, I checked boom my name was number 12 on the list,
After the interview, we where all given breakdown of how the salary was like, omo, I see money tears dropped from my eyes, I was anticipating how to renovate my family house after working like for 6 months and changing my parents car as it was well deserved,

After the interview we where waiting for a mail to confirm our employment letter and posting, after waiting for 2 weeks no news, I went to the headquarters were we did our interview and was reliably informed that new recruit had resume work since, I made further inquiry and I was made to understand that the final interview was done on Sunday, and our names were replaced with people that lobbied,
I shouted, on Sunday, ?? Government work?? And we where never informed and
minimum of 7million naira was used to swap our names with the people that paid.

I find cry, I no see, cry I was depressed for almost 2 months, my babe will come and see me emantiating by the day as I refuse to eat, this girl will come to my house and cry from Morning till night begging me to eat, chai true love they shaa, love really shark her that year, but I bounced back to my feet and moved on.
And thank God, I am doing well for myself, and I pray that the Lord continues to shower me and everyone that refuse to give up blessings in abundance.

Most times when you see people contemplating suicide on the media, don’t use it as a joke, encourage them not to commit suicide if u must comment, because most people vent their frustrations on the media waiting for validation, and believe me they do take anything said to them to heart 100%, unlike other people out there, I never contemplated suicide because I know I have got a thick skin and can survive the street, one of the advantages of being street smart, e never get wetin eye never see, so trolling and name calling and shaming on the internet don’t move people like me, learn how to develop a thick skin in every situation like this. Most importantly don’t ever wait for media validation in your personal life, what the media says don’t mean nothing and won’t affect you in anyway, know this and know peace

I hope someone learnt one or two things from my story.