More facts have emerged about Chukwuemeka Akachi, a student of University of Nigeria, Nsukka, (UNN), who committed suicide by drinking two bottles of Sniper. This was even as hundreds of his friends, mostly students, went to his Facebook to mourn him. Akachi went to an uncompleted building to drink two bottles of Sniper, which caused his death. Before he drank the poisonous snuff, he had posted a suicide note on his Facebook wall. According to friends, Akachi was a First Class student of English and Literary Studies and had been battling with mental health. It was learnt that he had attempted suicide by drinking two litres of fuel and kerosene, but didn’t die. The final attempt was the drinking of two bottles of Sniper, which caused his death. A peruse of his posts on his Facebook wall showed that for long the deceased had been battling depression and silently crying out for help. One of his posts reads: “Dear Everything, I am afraid of dying. I am afraid of living.” He wrote again: “You tell him about one of your attempts.


The pity in his eyes adjusts its tie as he tells you, ‘You don’t know how to die, Akachi. Now you want to not learn how to. At all cost.’” Tracking several of Akachi’s posts showed posts that had to do with death, suicide and images of death. He also shared several stories of people who had committed suicide. While mourning him, many of his friends expressed shock.

One of his friends, Oliver Sopulu Odo, said: “Just this evening, I heard about your suicide attempt. I told my friend that I will judge you for that but if you die, I won’t because I don’t judge the dead. Now I can’t judge you, Akachi. I can’t judge you now, how can you find joy in what brings bitter to people that love you, I know you as quiet guy, I didn’t even know your level, I feel so disappointed now, you should be a great man in future but you lost to a strange mentality, English Department will miss you to their heart, is like you have seen a place more better than Earth, I don’t know your problem, but no problem is more than your spirit, you are a writer who believe not in existence God but man. Akachi you have done something that doesn’t bring joy, what I know is that writer never dies; rest in peace to your place of joy.” Another friend, Phillips Shade, said:

“Here was a child begging to be loved and the most important people to him, his parents, chose not to care! Very sad indeed! Unfortunately, it’s too late to cry over spilled milk. For those saying he doesn’t know Jesus, please how many of us who claim to know Jesus truly know Him? This child suffered neglect….lack of care and love. Who puts him aright at that early stage? Some of us are more strong willed than others. I wonder how many are in his shoes right now. Mental health must be brought to the fore. May God Almighty forgive his sins and rest his soul.”