One of the fears Nigerians had when BUHARI was to be elected was his background as a military ruler and his penchant for disregard for the rule of law and encouraging breaches of the constitution.

Four years into his administration, BUHARI is proving that the fears are justified.. And this is why the Initiative for Integrity and Good Leadership has called on well-meaning Nigerians to call the President to order as he continues to descreate the constitution he swore to protect. The IIGL believes that if BUHARI is not called to order his continued disobedience of the constitution he swore to protect might cost him the next election despite his laudable efforts on other fronts.

The Initiative believe that the President has surrounded himself with people some of who have no business to be in the corridors of power. One of these is self professed lawyer who is the Chairman of the Presidential Investigative Panel on Recovery of Public Properties, Okoi Obono Obla. We at the Initiative believe that ordinarily, Obla should be behind the bars cooling his heels for forgery and lying under oath having been found to have forged his WASCE certificate and the courts certified this to be so.

It is however unfortunate that it is lawbreakers and criminals like Obla who BUHARI, operating under the toga of integrity has chosen to wine and dine with and also put in positions of trust.

The National Assembly as well as the Nigerian court have proven that Obla is not fit to occupy the post he is occupying by virtue of his lies and falsification of documents. Yet, the Nigerian President sees him as an ally. What an Irony.

We believe that Okoi Obono Obla is not above the law. The President should be able to tell him to go and clear his name in the court and if found guilty, he would face the music and if found innocent he would return to his job. If the former Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun who had issues with her NySC discharge certificate could be made to resign, there is no reason why someone of Obla’s status whose basic qualification has been denied by WAEC should still be part of a government that boasts of integrity. We therefore call on Nigerians of good will and who cherish the truth to prevail on Buhari to do the needful by asking Obla to go and clear his name.

As a key player in the Nigerian democracy project, Initiative for Integrity and Good Leadership  enjoins BUHARI to learn to play by the rules by obeying court orders whether or not they are palatable or favour the government.

If the FG under BUHARI continues to disobey the courts and keep people who should be in jail as key government officials, this would definitely have implications for his re-election as well as his perception internationally.